So nothing much happening

by vivek

Its been quite a while that i posted any of the images i see in various other photoblgos. And the reason for this improptness would be the fact that i dont find the time to do all this and above it all dataone has become paid and his free service is only available in the inhumane time of 2 to 8 in the morning – which would be the time period where my dream plot takes shape and would have come till the climax.
  I have just started waking a bit early, not for the reason to come online but to get a few extra muscles to grow up get me to look a bit beefed up. So i nothing much happening in my side. I just have started to shurge of the discomfort i had because most my friends have left to the US and evrybody else including have become so messed to find any free time. I will try to get the new images i have come across in the time since the last post pretty soon (hope it doesnt end up like it normally does).
  Well that will basically be it.