Finally Something got going

by vivek

Updating on the the previous post. Finally i have been putting some miles under my belt.
As planned i made the 2000km trip to the arctic circle and back (correction the previous post said it was 1700).

We started off from Helsinki after some roaming about in the city without knowing how to head to the Exit we wanted to be on. Finally close to 8:30 pm, we found the way out of the city. Bhaskar was driving the car, and it was quite uneventful after close to 250-300 kms we took a break, filled the car and ourselves.
And it was my turn to take the wheel, it was close to mid night and i started my shift as the driver going by all the landscapes and still having no clue how beautiful it was (i say beautiful cos on the return it was in the evening that i passed the same area to appreciate the landscape). I drove through some snow filled side stretches and headed straight to Oulu and past. Close to 4am we were past Oulu onwards to Kemi (the planned destination to have a look at the Ice castle/hotel). After 5 hours of driving , i parked beside some rest place on the highway, 80km before Kemi. Too tired to go on, we tried to sleep for the next 3 hours in a very cold car. Just before starting off towards Kemi we realized all that chillness inside the car was because the rear windows had been left open. Getting the car’s heater in full blast we started off to Kemi.

Karthick drove this stretch towards Kemi, we reached to find the whole town deserted and
feeling more like a ghost town. All were busy celebrating Easter (by celebrating i mean sleeping). We also found out that the restaurants would open only after 10am. So after some driving through the town for some time. We stopped beside some wide expanse of white (this would be the sea i am referring to) . We got out to be greeted by very strong and very cold winds, after trying to appreciate the beauty of the landscape in the shivering cold and after having enough of the weather we headed straight to the comforts of the car. In all this discomfort we were in, there were a couple of guys ice fishing completely oblivious to the cold, this made me feel like a very sensitive moron.
We decided to check out the Ice castle/hotel. Only to find that it was closed, the short Winter here had taken its toll on the Ice castle. The whole setup looked like some badly gone Ice party. So after getting such a cold reception, we decided to hit the highway straight to Rovaniemi.
Bhaskar was the driver this time and we were at Rovaniemi by noon. Booked ourselves 3 rooms under my card.

Rest of the story in the next post.