Vivek Sekar

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci

Month: July, 2008

inspiration waveform

my friend Sriram finished the New York City half marathon and had sent a mail out about it. out of no where, i found inspiration to do the same even though his previous chat conversation about this plan never got me to think of taking up the half marathon. the last 2 days, i have […]

black white and colors

a recent sketch of the bay near to where i stay – very amateurish attempt, just to find my bearings. some time to spare + some inspiration = “straight through the heart” Japanese magna + time stencil art + inspiration from my past the main reason for this post, Chidu + photoshop and ‘World of […]


 … . find out if this is needed ? oh k, walk around … reach . right person …. ask the question …. make  decision. that’s one job done .. …  need to critically fix … issue and make sure … not stay like this for too long, … .. find out how long it […]

where i stand

out of curiosity i google’d my name/nick name/call tags and the results looked impressive. vivek sekar : in the first page, only 3 links are not related to “vivek sekar” i.e. me 🙂 viveksekar : everything in the first page is me 😀 “viveksekar”, with my development work also listed. my plans to takeover the […]

fleeting moments

the tempo of the beats pick up as the music is blaring out from the system playlist (something unlike most clubs which would have a dj controlling the songs) but i am not able to get into the rhythm of the music, something i find very important to get me moving/dancing. a section is intoxicated […]

a little metal shell 01

we pull over next to a cruise ship and head to the info center. outside i eye the window for the various activities and i find a poster with a puffin, i am confused and bewildered by seeing it. Gjesvaer a port village 21 kms deviation on the way to Nordkapp, had a ferry running […]

a little metal shell

we got off the train and got the keys to the car we had booked and headed into the car and were ready to set off to the northern reaches, all this time, a east asian couple were busy photographing themselves against the backdrop of the railway station and the train. how much love they […]


half reclined in my seat as the train comes to a halt in Tampere, the sun shines into my eyes and gets me out of a limbo sleep i was having. he comes in drowned in sleep, carried by his dad. a comforting little teddy is placed next to his hands as his dad tries […]