iceland revisited

by vivek

the 10 day trip to Iceland was nothing short of awesome, the place has me captivated. and my desire to frequently visit iceland has only increased.

out of the planned route, i had to skip the north western fjords and north eastern Iceland because of the road conditions from the snow.

spring, snow, rain, wind, gail storms and warm water. i had a taste of nearly all the weather expect summer in the trip ;). with the landscape providing an add on variety along with the weather. i am still digesting the varied experiences from the trip. as expected i ended up with close to 15GB of photos of all that i saw and along with edyta’s help we (mostly her alone) took close to 40GB of HD video, and i might put up a short video clip also.

one of the days i took only 20 odd as we where stuck in gail winds from an approaching storm. and during that drive i was weaving the car left and right, putting on a fight with the winds that were pushing the car around. exhilarating!! guess one word that can describe that experience.

i have uploaded the photos from the first 3 days in picasa, and you can see them here :

Iceland blue lagoon

Iceland day 1 photos

Iceland Grundarfjordur

Iceland day 2 photos

Iceland Northern lights

Iceland day 3 photos

Iceland stadur sunset

Iceland day 3 photos

i spent 2 cold nights trying to see the Northern lights and both the attempts were successful, albeit only the toned down and weak ones though. guess it was because the winter had not set in and it was near the full moon day. the second time i saw them, it was bright but the wind did not allow for any steady photos.

more posts about the trip will come as time passes on, and i am sure there will be one about the kindness to/from strangers :).