christmas 2010

by vivek

this Christmas i have the same accomplices from the last time with the exception of Karthick not being here.
and we are headed towards Iceland, my 3rd trip in 4 years, and 2 trip during winter.
the winter wonderland, somehow keeps my interests high and i am not able to take this location out of my mind.

we have not planned anything big as far as routes go, its supposed to be one of my first vacation where i plan to spend most of the time relaxing and chilling out. with the daily road trips, places to see and photograph on the way and if lucky may be the occasional dancing night lights in the skies – northern lights.

as usual the list of people interested was high, but then when the flight tickets where being booked the numbers reduced and its just us. also Karthick gave some faint hope of being able to be here, but then he being himself, he has been fluctuating with his own decisions i guess 🙂