Autumn tranquility

by vivek

my main photo storage drive conked out yesterday – and thanks to the redundant drive – i was creating new backups. during this time i ended reviewing some of the photos i have.

this photo caught my eye, it was one of the photo from the autumn trip to iceland that was not over the top, but still had that calm/tranquil feel to it. i could retrace my feelings from the trip and how i enjoyed every moment of it, and in particular how i ended up with this shot.

the temperature was cold enough to make me feel the freshness in the air which was a welcome change from being in the car during the drive from reykjavik to grundafjurdur. the sun had already set – meaning below the horizon – but then being close the arctic circle, the autumn light was still there.

and its become a new custom, i have the photo available at 500px. Do let me know if you have any comments on the post or the photo.

Autumn Kirkjufell