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When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci

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summer blossom


pushing on

2 weekends before, we ( mani, arun, saravanan, bhaskar and deepa-bhaskar’s wife ) went to the Helsinki rock climbing area. and as expected, we started the rock climbing session. with the beginners basic lessons, we had 6 routes with multiple colored paths to choose from. thats how one looks when mixing dancing and rock climbing […]


after more than week of sitting on these photos, i finally present to you the cocktail series. 3 photos from a set of 50 odd photos taken during the cocktail photographing and tasting session. i might post more photos, but i will not commit to doing so.

Brain vs Brain

I came across this spinning lady animation. It’s a simple animated GIF so there are not much of tricks involved. The question is, which direction do you see the lady spinning ? clockwise or anti-clockwise ? If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa. And this is […]


This sunset was taken on Oct, 17th, 2007 near the Ruoholahti metro station. i took  close to 12 shots of the sunset and discarded 4 of them. i was so impressed with the color range of the sunset, so i am posting this without much of processing the RAW image.

It is done.

A write up the below will follow, but first, UPDATE – 15.11.2007 : i got the above inscribed onto my body on oct 11. i entered the tattoo center with 3 variations of the above design and after close to 10 minutes of re-sketching and some iterations later i finalised what was going to be […]

System crashes

Another day at office and another instance of Nerd coolness/frankness. It was about a new OPTION in the request system here @ work and a hopeful solution if the requests failed. – magic : if something wrong happened to your request and you don’t understand what it was just try to resend your request with […]


Yesterday night i finished playing Bioshock on PC. After having finished the game i can give opinion that the game was great and all as touted by the review and the makers. The game had some amount of  randomness and repeat playability included in it, which was pretty evident within the first level. During the […]

Poster : Colors of India – 2007

I recently finished a poster design done for a Indian cultural celebration called – Colors of India – in Helsinki. This event is conducted by a NGO called aarambh.

I know why the birds sing!!

And Maukka shouts 3 2 1 and we are off. Everything falls silent, there is no wind on my ear, there is no engine noise… The moment we were off the plane, i experienced a state of mind, where i could say my mind found Peace or calmness. Was it weightless for that one fleeting […]