Vivek Sekar

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. β€” Leonardo da Vinci

silent spectator

Sometimes fellow spectators by the side looking at a sunset are just as beautiful as the sunset itself.

Silent spectator


taken at the yosemite national park during the fall season. 2 different icons that have seen the time pass by and adopted to the time in their own slow ways.


the works

when some of the raw forces of nature try to work things out, its a photographers paradise.

In Kauai, its the waves and stones left over by volcanoes that create a place of work. The whole atmosphere is that of being in a metallurgical factory – the hissing & bellowing noises.

the works

my Right or your Left ?

my Right or your Left ?

the beginning of November started with a photo workshop i had in the yosemite national park. as part of the prize for winning the wallpaper contest i was taking part in the workshop.
on the first day we were going through some basic setup shots and understanding the camera and moving around the valley. as the golden hour approached we setup around one of the bends in the merced river with a good reflection of half dome in it. and then the residents of the park decided to have a closer look at the encroaching photographers πŸ™‚

one of the dears were figuring out whether to cross the merced river, while the other kept watch. the ear position of the lookout dear made for a interesting shot.

grand canyon b&w

a black and white shot of the grand canyon west rim with the colorado river snaking through, taken during the late summer an hour before the sunset.

grand canyon b&w
Canon EOS 7D, 17mm, 1/8 sec at f/8.0, Circular polarizing filter.

layered expanse

continuing my updates to the 500px photo sharing site. here is a photo from the drive to Grand canyon’s west rim. More than a few miles of dirt road and a mis-understanding made memorable, pretty much summarizes the grand canyon west rim drive. Canon EOS 7D, 29mm, 1/5 sec at f/8.0, ISO 100, Blue GND filter along with ND4 filter.


a year on and moving on

Its been a year since we moved to california and both of us still share and remember the moments we spent in helsinki and finland.
and as its the season of fall, california doesnt quite replicate the finnish ruuska that well. after all this place is supposed to be warmer πŸ™‚

here is a photo i took in 2008 at the sibelius park in toolo. posted here and in 500px.

Helsinki fall colors

morning light

here is a new shot from the recent Kauai trip. i have posted the full resolution image at 500pxΒ for viewing and downloading the image as a wallpaper

morning light

Morning light at the Kapaa beach in Kauai, With the approaching storm. The storm hit the beach and me within 15 minutes of this shot, it was refreshing drenching for me and thankfully i had a rain cover on my gear.

waking up earlier for this kind of sight was never hard, compared to getting up earlier for anything that’s remotely close to work.

This image is a 2 image panorama stitched together. Used a ND4 and a GND4 filter to get the contrast between the sea and clouds

openwebos and wallpaper

today there are 2 things that i have worked on, which have come of age and stepped out on their own.

openwebosproject has released the 1.0 version
the official wallpaper being used is a photo i took,

on a cold winter morning during December 2010, by the basalt columns at the Vik beach in Iceland. A 15 Second exposure with ND8 and ND4 filters on.

you can read about the 1.0 release on, while the wallpaper being used is this photo –


it feels great to be part of both the work that are out and to be able to share that with everyone.


webos-ports team have now got openwebos running different devices..
Transformer Prime:

galaxy nexus

Autumn tranquility

my main photo storage drive conked out yesterday – and thanks to the redundant drive – i was creating new backups. during this time i ended reviewing some of the photos i have.

this photo caught my eye, it was one of the photo from the autumn trip to iceland that was not over the top, but still had that calm/tranquil feel to it. i could retrace my feelings from the trip and how i enjoyed every moment of it, and in particular how i ended up with this shot.

the temperature was cold enough to make me feel the freshness in the air which was a welcome change from being in the car during the drive from reykjavik to grundafjurdur. the sun had already set – meaning below the horizon – but then being close the arctic circle, the autumn light was still there.

and its become a new custom, i have the photo available at 500px. Do let me know if you have any comments on the post or the photo.

Autumn Kirkjufell