Vivek Sekar

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci

black & white

was on a weekend drive by highway 1, chasing the sun for a good sunset and some warm weather, and as it most happens we ended up with fogs rolling in and dark skies. thankfully i ended up with shots that i already thought would work great in black & white images. below are some of the shots from that day.

Also i have posted one of the images at this site allows for HD download of the images & if digital is not your thing there is canvas prints also.

sunset panoramas

a few weeks ago i went on a drive by skyline blvd. the evening had some cloud rolling from the pacific and had already engulfed the bay towards pescadero. myself and chidu ended up hiking a short distance into the russian ridge open space preserve to get a nice vantage point for some sunset shots that lasted for around 2 hours.

the clouds though did not offer their full potential, i was hoping for the clouds to be slightly scattered and with the forest providing a good dark background to highlight the contrasts better.

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bay area from mt hamilton

we went on a hour long drive to mount hamilton to see how the bay area looks from top. i ended up with some interesting shots and panorama. the biggest surprise was how engaging the roads where, i loved it on the way back though i am not sure how much aaranya liked it.

now that i know how the view is, just need to predict a evening with awesome sunset and end up there.

panorama image of bay area from mt hamilton


its always hard to be out early in the morning, when ones routine takes us to bed at mid night.
but then when i want to experience something out of the ordinary, breaking the routine and getting the early morning sun never ceases to amaze me.

the serenity that follows the early mornings is something that i have not been able experience at any other time of the day.

the birds happy about the new day that has begun, the beach undisturbed and filled with people busy with their own work that they rarely make any noise or fuss as they go about their routine, the waves sound much more clearer during this time as if the sands where tamed during the night and the waves are relaxed about it all.

add to that the early morning chill and freshness that comes along.

it brings out the hidden energy from within us, to make the day feel much more better than it would have been. like in those days when one would wake up from bed, head to get the morning routine finished and then head to work with all the machinery giving you company en-route to work.


we stand there in some selected path and points, as we are spectators to nature going about its journey, and at no point it easily revealing its inner workings.

our presence is a mere coincidence,

with or without everything around, things go about their work with a purpose that cannot be easily understood. nor be understood as to how the purpose is instilled to these said things, that our mind cannot comprehend.

but as spectators we can all but put an effort to understand, as the repeated attempts at some point might pay off.


as we make ourselves clear of confusion and focus on the now, present.
things become clear and make things simple in life.

but the ability to be in a clear and simplified state is easier said than done. considering the amount of distractions we have today that we let ourselves to be distracted by


here are a couple of photos from the recent trip to kauai, hawaii.

the contrasts in the various elements of nature that compliment to provide such an exhilarating and beautiful view, is something i will never get tired of

Lake tahoe

Here are some of the photos from our recent trip to south lake tahoe.

We spent the weekend over at a cottage overlooking the lake near the zephyr cove beach. we had a nice hike to the lower eagle falls and a late evening sunset by the zephyr cove beach. and indoors we spent on a pretty long cards game till around 3am after the dst came on.

Pescadero state beach

From a recent trip to Pescadero state beach and pigeon point lighthouse.

Christmas 2011

For christmas we were back in Los Angeles to travel to Bryce canyon. our route was through las vegas, hoover dam, and back to LA via death valley. Even though we ended up not really going through death valley, we just touched the borders.