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When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci

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in nature’s arms

these days even though i have been active in posting some photos, i did not quite get to post them here. the collection of photos, represent the feeling of being held in nature’s arms. Canon 400D, 2.5Sec, f/14, ISO100 – at 500px Canon 7D, 0.5Sec, f/8, ISO100 – at 500px Sunset at Humboldt lagoons state […]

hidden leaf by the sea

A shot from this weekend’s sunset chase. myself and Anush have being chasing the sunset 3 times over the last 3 weekends. And i ended up with this shot this weekend. Do you see the leaf shape in this image ? Canon 7D, 0.3Sec, f/13, ISO400 – at 500px

canyon by the beach

taken on a cloudless sunset phototrip at the davenport beach. myself and Anush ventured for a sunset shoot by Davenport, to find the “crack” occupied by other photographers. so we ended up using the beach as our foreground on a day with low tides. this canyon formation with fast flowing water made for an interesting shot. […]

Star trails above the Golden Gate Bridge

11 image composite covering a total of 47 minutes exposure. Taken from the Crissy fields beach area last friday. Canon 7D, 2820Sec, f/4.0, ISO100 – 500px

nerve center

sunset next to the sea’s nerve center myself and Anush ventured for a sunset shoot by Davenport, to find the “crack” occupied by other photographers. so we ended up using the beach as our focus. the low tide exposed some interesting patterns, along with some foot steps. Canon 7D, 1/25Sec, f/14, ISO400, Circular Polarizer – […]

A tree by the side.

Taken at the Yosemite national park, at the El Capitan Meadow area. The falls colors with the setting sun provided a great back light for this tree and i could not pass up the photo opportunity. And within 15 mins when i walked back by the tree everything had completely changed. Canon 7D, f/9, 1/13Sec, […]

silent spectator

Sometimes fellow spectators by the side looking at a sunset are just as beautiful as the sunset itself.

openwebos and wallpaper

today there are 2 things that i have worked on, which have come of age and stepped out on their own. openwebosproject has released the 1.0 version and the official wallpaper being used is a photo i took, on a cold winter morning during December 2010, by the basalt columns at the Vik beach in […]

black & white

was on a weekend drive by highway 1, chasing the sun for a good sunset and some warm weather, and as it most happens we ended up with fogs rolling in and dark skies. thankfully i ended up with shots that i already thought would work great in black & white images. below are some […]

sunset panoramas

a few weeks ago i went on a drive by skyline blvd. the evening had some cloud rolling from the pacific and had already engulfed the bay towards pescadero. myself and chidu ended up hiking a short distance into the russian ridge open space preserve to get a nice vantage point for some sunset shots that […]