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When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. ā€” Leonardo da Vinci

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guiding light

A shot of the sunset from the spouting horn location at Kauai. Canon 7D, 4Sec, f/10, ISO100 – at 500px

in nature’s arms

these days even though i have been active in posting some photos, i did not quite get to post them here. the collection of photos, represent the feeling of being held in nature’s arms. Canon 400D, 2.5Sec, f/14, ISO100 – at 500px Canon 7D, 0.5Sec, f/8, ISO100 – at 500px Sunset at Humboldt lagoons state […]

nerve center

sunset next to the sea’s nerve center myself and Anush ventured for a sunset shoot by Davenport, to find the “crack” occupied by other photographers. so we ended up using the beach as our focus. the low tide exposed some interesting patterns, along with some foot steps. Canon 7D, 1/25Sec, f/14, ISO400, Circular Polarizer – […]

the works

when some of the raw forces of nature try to work things out, its a photographers paradise. In Kauai, its the waves and stones left over by volcanoes that create a place of work. The whole atmosphere is that of being in a metallurgical factory – the hissing & bellowing noises.

my Right or your Left ?

the beginning of November started with a photo workshop i had in the yosemite national park. as part of the prize for winning the wallpaper contest i was taking part in the workshop. on the first day we were going through some basic setup shots and understanding the camera and moving around the valley. as […]

layered expanse

continuing my updates to the 500px photo sharing site. here is a photo from the drive to Grand canyon’s west rim. More than a few miles of dirt road and a mis-understanding made memorable, pretty much summarizes the grand canyon west rim drive. Canon EOS 7D, 29mm, 1/5 sec at f/8.0, ISO 100, Blue GND […]

a year on and moving on

Its been a year since we moved to california and both of us still share and remember the moments we spent in helsinki and finland. and as its the season of fall, california doesnt quite replicate the finnish ruuska that well. after all this place is supposed to be warmer šŸ™‚ here is a photo […]

sunset panoramas

a few weeks ago i went on a drive by skyline blvd. the evening had some cloud rolling from the pacific and had already engulfed the bay towards pescadero. myself and chidu ended up hiking a short distance into theĀ russian ridge open space preserve to get a nice vantage point for some sunset shots that […]

bay area from mt hamilton

we went on a hour long drive to mount hamilton to see how the bay area looks from top. i ended up with some interesting shots and panorama.Ā theĀ biggestĀ surpriseĀ was how engaging the roads where, i loved it on the way back though i am not sure how much aaranya liked it. now that i know how […]


we stand there in some selected path and points, as we areĀ spectatorsĀ to nature going about its journey, and at no point it easily revealing its inner workings. our presence is a mere coincidence, with or without everything around, things go about their work with a purpose that cannot be easily understood. nor be understood as […]