Vivek Sekar

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci

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happy new year and wishing a great time in the years to come – from Reykjavik, Iceland. now that’s out of the way. we (myself, you.. everyone i guess) tend to associate some absolute markers as a stock holding point and then on to turn a new leaf. and the new year is just the […]


You don’t gain knowledge without experience, and you don’t gain wisdom without experience and knowledge. so first up for me is knowledge and lets see about the rest later. lot of new stuff happening in my side, updates will be up soon hopefully

The key to happiness is to find something bigger than you and devote yourself to it. — #TED site / Dan Dennett


i always seem to sometimes get into a state of mind that some random passing moment i notice and relate to, can be understood and at times should be understood as to how i take it. but then like every time this just passes on and i completely forget about it and along with it […]


the thing .. thinking about .. how long i want to continue .. work .. wat options … what if i am … crazy … who cannot be handled … its all hormones thts all … need to slow down things sometimes .. and keep the over excitation to the right moments sometimes u think, […]