Vivek Sekar

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci

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silent spectator

Sometimes fellow spectators by the side looking at a sunset are just as beautiful as the sunset itself.

a year on and moving on

Its been a year since we moved to california and both of us still share and remember the moments we spent in helsinki and finland. and as its the season of fall, california doesnt quite replicate the finnish ruuska that well. after all this place is supposed to be warmer 🙂 here is a photo […]

Autumn tranquility

my main photo storage drive conked out yesterday – and thanks to the redundant drive – i was creating new backups. during this time i ended reviewing some of the photos i have. this photo caught my eye, it was one of the photo from the autumn trip to iceland that was not over the […]


we stand there in some selected path and points, as we are spectators to nature going about its journey, and at no point it easily revealing its inner workings. our presence is a mere coincidence, with or without everything around, things go about their work with a purpose that cannot be easily understood. nor be understood as […]


as we make ourselves clear of confusion and focus on the now, present. things become clear and make things simple in life. but the ability to be in a clear and simplified state is easier said than done. considering the amount of distractions we have today that we let ourselves to be distracted by


here are a couple of photos from the recent trip to kauai, hawaii. the contrasts in the various elements of nature that compliment to provide such an exhilarating and beautiful view, is something i will never get tired of

new place new challenges

i have moved out from finland and moved in to the bay area. at the same time changed companies from Nokia to Palm/HP. the place is new, the job is new, but then the thoughts are pretty much the same. reflecting as of today … the past, i miss those days where i went off […]


Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean there’s one life to live and the world to explore. and we still have not explored the world around us to know ourselve’s. so we plan to live the life to know and learn. its in those moments that change our life, that we are shown how […]


it looks complicated now, its to signify nothing. its as it is supposed to be a simple word ‘om’ with a lotus, as the time puts it through its paces. and thats where the fire comes in some parts change with time, while some parts continue to remain as they are


as i move from home to home, the warmth does not change … she is always waiting for me to return .. all the while knowing how much i would have missed her .. .. the one person who used to replace my mother for the moments i spent with her and i never felt […]